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Involving people

People with dementia and carers play a key role in the development of the project. They will influence the research and how we share our findings.

The ALWAYS network of people with dementia and carers

The ALWAYS network (Action on Living Well: Asking You) are people with dementia and carers of people with dementia who advise on different aspects of the project based on their personal experience, skills and expertise. The network, recruited through their links with Innovations in Dementia and Alzheimer’s Society, is at present around 12 people.

For more information go to the ALWAYS network page

The Project Advisory Group

The Project Advisory Group is chaired by Dr Nori Graham and is made up of a mixture of different people including potential users of the research and academics. Its role is to advise on general strategy, act as a critical friend, support impact generating activities, and to act as an ambassador for the project.

For more information go to the Project Advisory Group page