IDEAL events

British Society of Gerontology 47th Annual Conference 2018 at the University of Manchester,  #BSG2018

IDEAL will be represented at this conference next week - if you are attending come along to one of our IDEAL talks scheduled for Friday 6 Jul 2018: 13.0014.30

A Life More Ordinary events

  • During Dementia Action Week, Ian BeesleyIan McMillanTony Husband and three Yorkshire DEEP (Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project) groups will be unfurling a banner they have created. It highlights the 'right to get out and about' for people with dementia. The official unfurling will take place at York Train station at 12 noon on Wednesday 23 May 2018.
  • 21st-24th May- A second exhibition contained work from both ‘The Allotment of Time’ and ‘From the Negative to the Positive’. The exhibition was held in the University of Exeter Forum and the Exeter Guildhall Shopping Centre (24th May) for Dementia Action Week 2018, this gave many university students and staff, and wider members of the public the opportunity to view some of the art work produced
  • 8th January- the second in our series of chapbooks 'From the Negative to the Positive' was launched at Gallery Oldham . Ian Beesley, Ian McMillan and Tony Husband held a series of workshops in Oldham with the 'Ragamuffins', a group of people with dementia, their partners and volunteers. Together they have produced an exhibition of images and poems created during the workshops exploring living with dementia along the theme of ‘From the Negative to the Positive’. The launch of the chappbook was attended by the three artists and members of the 'Ragamuffins' group. Their artworks were also displayed in Gallery Olham as part of the first 'A Life More Ordinary' exhibition at the beginning of 2018.