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Western Morning News

How you can support people who have dementia to live well
Many small things can make a big difference, writes Dr Anthony Martyr - read the article Dementia Article May 26 2018

World Alzheimer's Day 2017

IDEAL Participant Annie urges the public to learn about NHS dementia research - Read more.


Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 

Read our press release on the paper Linda Clare et al. "I don't think of it as an Illness": Illness representations in mild to moderate dementia. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease (2016). DOI: 10.3233/JAD-150794

  • Nottinghamshire family back 'Join Dementia Research'. NIHR website, Posted May 2015

  • Pili brings dementia into focus, 19 May 2015 

Launch of the project:

  • 'Bath dementia charity RICE in £4 million fight against illness' Bath Chronicle, December 11th 2013