IDEAL Interviews

  • We asked a number of people in the IDEAL project to take part in interviews. These commenced in 2016.
  • People were invited for an initial interview and will be followed-up again for interview10-14 months later.
  • Dr Alexandra Hillman conducted these interviews as a way of further understanding peoples’ experiences of living with dementia.

Alex Hillman bio‌ 

Early themes from the interviews

  • We would like to thank everyone who agreed to take part in the piloting phase of the IDEAL interviews. 
  • From the interviews we were able to identify some suggestions of:

Enablers to living well:

  • Network of support & relationships
  • Pace of life
  • Humour

Barriers to living well:

  • Being alone, lack of purpose
  • Anxiety and risk of failure
  • Uncertainty about the future

We will be developing this work further soon.