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The World turned upside down


Book now for our play The World Turned Upside Down. This will be performed live in Exeter in January 2021.


Is it the person with dementia who has difficulty communicating, or is the problem other people?
What effect does not being heard have?
Can the way we express ourselves  shape relationships?

…and what are you going to do about it?

The World Turned Upside Down is a play with a purpose: to engage the audience in a theatrical conversation to explore possible outcomes to communication challenges faced by people with dementia. Four key scenarios are presented where the situation could be made better or worse by someone interacting with a person with dementia.

You – the audience – contribute to how the scenes play out, as you enter the world of dementia through theatre. The rehearsals and the play will be filmed to capture the experiences of the company and audience as the scenarios develop. A production which comes out of the IDEAL dementia research programme at the University of Exeter, and directed by Paul Jepson, The World Turned Upside Down is informed by both research and real-life experiences of people with dementia and carers who have been involved throughout.

Open to all, this play will be enjoyed by anyone with a personal or professional interest in dementia.

Click here to book a ticket for the University of Exeter campus performance on Tuesday 11th January 2021 at 7pm.

Click here to book a ticket for the Exeter Phoenix performance on Thursday 13th January at 7pm.

With thanks to Willy Gilder, who lives with dementia, for the incredible production artwork.

The new Living with Dementia Toolkit has launched and is now freely accessible online at this web address Based on research evidence and lived experience, this toolkit has been co-produced with an involvement group of people with dementia and carers. The resources are organised into five themes:

  • Stay safe and well
  • Stay connected
  • Keep a sense of purpose
  • Stay active
  • Stay positive

We encourage you to explore it at your leisure, share within your networks and send us your feedback at‌.

COVID-19: Our report about the effects of the pandemic on people living with dementia and their carers was published in February 2021 and can be read here.

We have released some guidance for people with dementia and carers that offers ways of staying well during the coronavirus pandemic. The five key messages for staying well can be found here.

Welcome to the IDEAL programme website which includes information about IDEAL (2014-2019) and IDEAL-2 (2018-2022).

IDEAL is the largest study of living well with dementia in Great Britain. The evidence will enable the development of new policy, interventions and initiatives to transform the lives of people with dementia and their carers.