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IDEAL events

Rethinking Dementia - Being Human Festival 2021

On Thursday 18th November from 7-8pm on Zoom we will host 'Rethinking Dementia' a free event as part of the Being Human Festival 2021. Click here to book your free ticket.

This event features four speakers with four different perspectives. Each of them will speak on the theme of 'Rethinking Dementia' before we open to audience Q&A. You can already join in the disucssion by sharing your thoughts on our event Padlet (which is like a virtual pinboard). Click here to visit the Rethinking Dementia padlet.

The Being Human Festival is the UK's only national festival celebrating humanities research. It is led by the School of Advanced Study University of London in partnership with the AHRC and the British Academy. There are lots of free events on as part of the festival which runs 11th to 20th November. Click here to visit the Being Human Festival website.

Below you can watch our Rethinking Dementia video, which will give you a taster of the event itself.


A Life More Ordinary events

The Unfurlings - Exhibition schedule 2019 - 2021

Banners for hope and change created by people living with dementia

Since the beginning of the project Ian Beesley has been working with dementia groups around the country. Together they have created a series of banners to raise public awareness and highlight some of the issues faced by people with dementia. The design of the banners is based on traditional trade union/campaign banners. The 'dementia banners' are now touring the country and will be exhibited at the following venues (to be updated once dates and venues have been confirmed):

UK Dementia Congress 2019

A selection of banners will also be exhibited at this year's UK Dementia Congress in Doncaster from 5 to 7 November 2019 with a presentation by Ian Beesley. The UK Dementia Congress is an annual event mainly aimed at those working in dementia care.

Unfurling ALMO banners

During Dementia Action Week, Ian BeesleyIan McMillanTony Husband and three Yorkshire DEEP (Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project) groups will be unfurling a banner they have created. It highlights the 'right to get out and about' for people with dementia. The official unfurling took place at York Train station at 12 noon on Wednesday 23 May 2018.

Exhibitions in Exeter

21st-24th May 2017- A second exhibition contained work from both ‘The Allotment of Time’ and ‘From the Negative to the Positive’. The exhibition was held in the University of Exeter Forum and the Exeter Guildhall Shopping Centre (24th May) for Dementia Action Week 2018, this gave many university students and staff, and wider members of the public the opportunity to view some of the art work produced

'From the Negative to the Positive' chapbook launch and exhibition

8th January 2017- the second in our series of chapbooks 'From the Negative to the Positive' was launched at Gallery Oldham. Ian Beesley, Ian McMillan and Tony Husband held a series of workshops in Oldham with the 'Ragamuffins', a group of people with dementia, their partners and volunteers. Together they have produced an exhibition of images and poems created during the workshops exploring living with dementia along the theme of ‘From the Negative to the Positive’. The launch of the chappbook was attended by the three artists and members of the 'Ragamuffins' group. Their artworks were also displayed in Gallery Olham as part of the first 'A Life More Ordinary' exhibition at the beginning of 2018.