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A Life More Ordinary

A Life More Ordinary project was led by artists Ian Beesley, Ian McMillan and Tony Husband. The project involved people with dementia and carers of people with dementia, documenting what it meant to them to live with the disease using photography, poetry and drawings.

'A Life More Ordinary' was an Economic and Social Research Council funded project linked to IDEAL and was headed by Professor Linda Clare at the University of Exeter. It was funded by a Knowledge Exchange grant by the Economic and Social Research Council [ESRC/ES/M50046X/1].


The project produced and published a series of chapbooks, a book, and a successful touring exhibition.

The three chapbooks can be found here:

The book can be found here:

The photographs from unfurlings exhibition and the banners can be found here:


Here is a short video discussing the Banners for Hope and Change element of the project with Ian Beesely and Tony Husband and how it is having impact in the real world.