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Y Bont/The Bridge

Y Bont/The Bridge

We were delighted to receive an Arts Council of Wales grant for our project 'Living with dementia: An operatic exploration to promote understanding and reduce stigma'.

This project took place November 2022 to April 2023. It consisted of three main elements.

1. The creation of a new one-act opera about the experience of living with dementia called 'Y Bont/The Bridge'. The music was composed by Dr Edward Wright and the libretto written and production directed by Marian Bryfdir. The opera was performed twice: once in English at the Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead and once in Welsh at Pontio in Bangor. 

Click here to download the English programme

Cliciwch yma i lawrlwytho'r rhaglen cymraeg

The film of the English performance will be available soon. In the meantime, please enjoy a taster via the advert above. 

2. The second aspect of the project was to hold two community workshops asking 'How can we improve the experience of living with dementia?'. These workshops were for people with dementia and carers and held in Holyhead and Bangor. We collaborated with Emma Quaeck from Dementia Actif Gwynedd to make them bilingual and relevant to North West Wales. The outcomes from these workshops will soon be available on our Living with Dementia Toolkit.

Below you can download the full report from the workshops, which features lots of quotations and photographs. However, we have also created three graphics which show the main themes to come out from each question. They can be seen below.

Click here to download the report from the community workshops



3. The third aspect of the project was a photography workstream. Photographer Ian Smith colllaborated with Dementia Actif Gwynedd's Caernarfon group, to both document the power of their group through his own photography and share photography with group members by giving out single-use cameras. The resulting exhibition, 'Relationships', was held at the Ucheldre Centre in March 2023 and featured both Ian's photographs and those taken by members of Dementia Actif. 

Below you can see a series of photographs from the project.