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IDEAL interviews


  • We asked a number of people in the IDEAL project to take part in interviews. These commenced in 2016.
  • People were invited for an initial interview and were followed-up again for interview 10-14 months later.
  • Dr Alexandra Hillman conducted these interviews as a way of further understanding peoples’ experiences of living with dementia.

My name is Dr Alexandra Hillman, I am part of the research team working on the IDEAL study. I am based at Swansea University.  

I have conducted research in a number of imporant areas:

  • Exploring the social and ethical issues surrounding the diagnosis of dementia, and concerns of newly diagnosed people with dementia and their families.
  • Seeking to improve dignity and dignified care of older people on NHS hospital wards, as well as highlighting the challenges facing older people being assessed and treated in A&E services.
  • More recently I have been working with people with dementia, looking into whether social and ethical concerns are addressed alongside the treatment of the condition.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Dr Alexandra Hillman


Hillman, A., Jones, I.R., Quinn, C., Nelis, S.M., Lamont, R.A., & Clare, L. (2020). 'All the world's a stage': accounting for the dementia experience - insights from the IDEAL programmeQualitative Research20(5), 703-720. click here to read an accessible summary

Hillman, A., Jones, I.R., Quinn, C., Nelis, S.M., & Clare, L. (2018). Dualities of dementia illness narratives and their role in a narrative economySociology of Health & Illness, 40(5), 874-891. (open access)