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IDEAL is led by REACH at the University of Exeter, and is funded by the ESRC and NIHR (2014-2018).


NEWS: The IDEAL project will continue as IDEAL-2 (2018-2022). This will be an Alzheimer's Society Centre of Excellence. Find out more here


Welcome to the IDEAL project website

  • The IDEAL research project is a major, five-year (2014-2018) longitudinal cohort study of 1500 people with dementia or an associated condition and their family members or friends who provide support throughout the UK.
  • The aim of the IDEAL project is to find out what makes it easier or more difficult for people to live well with dementia, and what can be done to help more people to live well with dementia.
  • The findings from the study will help to identify what can be done by individuals, communities, health and social care practitioners, care providers and policy-makers to improve the likelihood of living well with dementia.

To find out more about the background to this project go to the About IDEAL page.


For more information about the project please contact

Helen Davey

IDEAL Project Administrator
REACH: The Centre for Research in Aging and Cognitive Health
Room 148
College of Life and Environmental Sciences - Psychology
Washington Singer
Perry Road

Phone: 01392 726866

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